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The Cubs have yet to get a progress report on pitcher Carlos Zambrano and have no timetable for his return in the second half.

Cubs manager Lou Piniella said Sunday he hoped to hear something early this week from general manager Jim Hendry, who was in Mesa, Ariz., to watch some of the Minor Leaguers.

Zambrano is on the restricted list as he undergoes treatment for anger issues. He was suspended for three days after a tantrum in the dugout June 25 in which he accused his teammates of not playing well behind him.

When Zambrano does return, he will need to pitch at one of the Cubs' Minor League teams to get in shape. Pitching coach Larry Rothschild has a plan in place for whenever the team gets the go-ahead.

"We're still in limbo as far as that's concerned," Piniella said of Zambrano's return. ... p;c_id=chc

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