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August 29 Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "The Mariners and outfielder Jose Guillen are close to completing a contract extension. The deal, apparently for three years, would replace the one-year mutual option that would have kept Guillen in Seattle for the 2008 season."

Boston’s Mr. Reliable May Be Mr. Available August 29 New York Times (registration required): "But there is no guarantee that Lowell will be back with the Red Sox in 2008. Not when the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez, another third baseman, could become a free agent, too. The Red Sox were enamored with Rodriguez when they tried to acquire him from the Texas Rangers in 2003, and those feelings could resurface."

Yankees could move Damon August 29 Boston Globe (scroll down): "As for next season, right fielder Bobby Abreu is a free agent, and right now there are no plans to re-sign him. Will Damon survive if Abreu goes? Or will the Yankees try to move him?"

The Rays Can't Waste A Talent Like Upton August 29 Tampa Tribune columnist Martin Fennelly: "And then there are Young and Upton, who eventually will have to be paid - or traded - by an organization that still has a lower payroll than a bad hockey team."

Omar: No Relief In Sight August 29 New York Post columnist Jay Greenberg: " A rejuvenated Kyle Farnsworth, with a $5 million contract for next season, cleared waivers and is eligible to be dealt, but the Mets and Yankees do business even less often than Mota pitches a scoreless inning. Pittsburgh's Shawn Chacon did not make it through waivers. And the Mets have no interest in Bob Wickman, designated for assignment by the Braves after expressing no interest in pitching in non-save situations. "

Don't expect Tigers to make a trade August 29 Michigan Live (registration required): "There's a hole in the middle of the batting order, with Gary Sheffield on the disabled list. There's a hole in the starting rotation, with Jair Jurrjens on the DL and Kenny Rogers not yet ready to return. But if you're looking for the Detroit Tigers to add a top hitter or a legitimate starting pitcher from outside the organization this week, don't get your hopes up. "

Loaiza Ready for anything August 29 Contra Costa Times (scroll down) (registration required): " In the wake of two successful starts, veteran right-hander Esteban Loaiza -- due to earn $7 million next season -- might be fitted soon for an eighth major-league uniform. Teams have until Friday to add players and have them be eligible for postseason play."

Yanks, Cashman set to live or die August 29 Bergen Record columnist Bob Klapisch: "And yet, Cashman has made his choice -- Chamberlain's future over Torre's, and perhaps his own, too. There's no guarantee the GM will return in 2008 if the Yankees collapse in September, even though he has another year on his contract."


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We could use two players like young and upton. Good young hitters are always good to have.

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2008 MLB Free Agents

Presenting...your 2008 free agent class.

Of course, some of these players will be signed or retired before reaching free agency. I've changed the post to categorize them by position; the player's 2008 age is in parentheses. If I saw someone as a possibility at more than one position I put them at both. I'll keep this post updated throughout the season and make it a permanent sidebar link.

Updated 8-23-07


Brad Ausmus (39)

Michael Barrett (31)

Ramon Castro (32)

Jason Kendall (34)

Paul Lo Duca (36)

Jorge Posada (36)

Jose Molina (33)

Ivan Rodriguez (36) - $13MM club option for '08

Yorvit Torrealba (30)

First basemen

Sean Casey (34)

Tony Clark (36)

Adam Dunn (28) - $13MM club option for '08

Darin Erstad (34) - $3.5MM club option for '08

Scott Hatteberg (38) - $1.85MM club option for '08

Ryan Klesko (37)

Mike Lamb (33)

Doug Mientkiewicz (34)

Second basemen

Luis Castillo (32)

Damion Easley (38)

Marcus Giles (30) - $4MM club option for '08

Tadahito Iguchi (33)

Mark Loretta (37)

Kaz Matsui (32)

Jose Valentin (38)


David Eckstein (33)

Cesar Izturis (28) - $5.45MM club option for '08

Juan Uribe (29) - $5MM club option for '08

Omar Vizquel (41)

Third basemen

Pedro Feliz (33)

Mike Lamb (32)

Mike Lowell (34)

Alex Rodriguez (32) - Has ability to opt out of contract after season

Left fielders

Moises Alou (42) - $7.5MM club option for '08

Barry Bonds (43)

Milton Bradley (30)

Adam Dunn (28) - $13MM club option for '08; becomes free agent after season if traded

Cliff Floyd (35) - mutual option for '08

Luis Gonzalez (40)

Geoff Jenkins (33) - $9MM club option for '08

Reggie Sanders (40)

Shannon Stewart (34)

Brad Wilkerson (31)

Center fielders

Milton Bradley (30)

Mike Cameron (35)

Darin Erstad (34) - $3.5MM club option for '08

Torii Hunter (32)

Andruw Jones (31)

Kenny Lofton (41)

Corey Patterson (28)

Aaron Rowand (30)

Right fielders

Bobby Abreu (34) - $16MM club option for '08

Milton Bradley (30)

Kosuke Fukudome (31)

Shawn Green (35) - $10MM club option for '08

Jose Guillen (32) - $9MM club option for '08

Geoff Jenkins (33) - $9MM club option for '08

Trot Nixon (34)

Reggie Sanders (40)


Barry Bonds (43)

Mike Piazza (39)

Sammy Sosa (39)

Mike Sweeney (34)

Starting pitchers

Tony Armas (30) - $5MM mutual option for '08

Kris Benson (33) - $7.5MM club option for '08

Paul Byrd (37) - $8MM club option for '08

Shawn Chacon (30)

Roger Clemens (46)

Matt Clement (33)

Bartolo Colon (35)

Josh Fogg (31)

Casey Fossum (30)

Freddy Garcia (32)

Tom Glavine (42) - $9MM player option for '08

Livan Hernandez (33)*

Jason Jennings (29)

Joe Kennedy (29)

Byung-Hyun Kim (29)

Brian Lawrence (32)

Jon Lieber (38)

Kyle Lohse (29)

Rodrigo Lopez (32)

Greg Maddux (42) - $8.75MM player option or $11MM club option for '08

Eric Milton (32)

Tomo Ohka (32)

Russ Ortiz (34)

Odalis Perez (31) - $9MM club option for '08

Andy Pettitte (36) - $16MM player option for '08

Joel Pineiro (29)

Kenny Rogers (43)

Curt Schilling (41)

Carlos Silva (29)

Julian Tavarez (35) - $3.85MM club option for '08

John Thomson (34)

Brett Tomko (35) - $4.5MM mutual option for '08

Steve Trachsel (37) - $4.75MM club option for '08

Koji Uehara (33)

Jeff Weaver (31)

David Wells (45)

Kip Wells (31)

Randy Wolf (31) - $9MM club option for '08

Jamey Wright (34)

Jaret Wright (32)


Armando Benitez (35)

Joe Borowski (37) - $4MM club option for '08

Francisco Cordero (33)

Octavio Dotel (32) - $5.5MM mutual option for '08

Eric Gagne (32)

Jason Isringhausen (35) - $8MM club option for '08

Todd Jones (40)

Al Reyes (37) - $1MM club option for '08

Mariano Rivera (38)

Bob Wickman (39)

Middle relievers

Jeremy Affeldt (29)

Antonio Alfonseca (36)

LaTroy Hawkins (35)

Jorge Julio (29)

Joe Kennedy (29)

Scott Linebrink (31)

Troy Percival (39)

David Riske (31) - $2.85MM club option for '08

Russ Springer (39)

Julian Tavarez (35) - $3.85MM club option for '08

Mike Timlin (42)

Luis Vizcaino (31)

Kerry Wood (31)

Who do you want???

http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2007/03/2 ... ree_a.html

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Players Who Have Cleared Waivers

Once a player clears waivers, he can be traded to any team. Here's a list of the players who have cleared waivers this month plus their contract situation. I'll keep the list up-to-date and put it on the sidebar under MLBTR Features. (Thanks to Jayson Stark for many new additions).

Last updated 8-20-07

Pat Burrell - $13MM in '07, $14MM in '08, full no-trade clause

Jose Contreras - $9MM in '07, $10MM in '08, $10MM in '09

Kyle Farnsworth - $5.25MM in '07, $5.5MM in '08

Troy Glaus - $10.75MM in '07, $12.75MM in '08, $11.25MM player option in '09, full no-trade clause

Jason Lane - $1.05MM in '07

Mike Piazza - $8.5MM in '07

Odalis Perez - $7.75MM in '07, $9MM club option in '08 with $1.5MM buyout (Dodgers paying a portion)

Sammy Sosa - $0.5MM + a possible $2.2MM in playing time incentives

Josh Towers - $2.9MM in '07

Steve Trachsel - $3MM in '07, $4.75MM club option for '08

Jack Wilson - $5.25MM in '07, $6.5MM in '08, $7.25MM in '09, $8.4MM club option in '10 with $0.6MM buyout

David Wells - $3MM in '07

Dmitri Young - $5MM in '08, $5MM in '09, $6MM option in '10 that may vest based on plate appearances

http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2007/08/p ... o-hav.html

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I'd resign Kendall if he would take less money. I don't know about Wood. He has not pitched very well in relief.

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Wow, Young or Wilson would be interesting.

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Ok, I'll do a dream team. Sign the following:

Loshe, Weaver for starters.

Get Persival and Linebrink for middle releif.

Get Cordero or Nathan to close.

Get A Rod, and Andruw.

line up looks like this

1st: D Lee/ D Ward

2nd: Derosa/ Fontenot

3rd: Rameriz/ Derosa

SS: A Rod/ Theriot

LF: Soriano/ Murton

CF: Andruw/ J Jones

Rf: Floyd/ Monroe

Starters: Big Z/ Lilly/ Marquis/ Loshe/ Weaver

Mid : Marmol/ Howery/ Presival/ Linebrink

Closer: Cordero or Nathan

Ok, I'll wake up now. How many games would we win the fantasy team?

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Hey, we could get steriod boy. LOL

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Wow, I hope you wake up and it comes true. While I can't see the Yankess letting A Rod go, maybe we can get some of the others.

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LOL, then he will get supended.

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Glaus is a good player, but isn't he out for the year?

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Ya, #1, I doubt the Yankees will let A Rod go, they are going to be building a new stadium and will need a big draw to get it for on the right foot. I would like to see that stull all happen in the off season but it won't.

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Wow, I had not seen this post before, that would be really cool. We would win the series for sure.

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Yes, he will probably have season ending surgery. But we don't need a 3rd baseman.

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The bottom line is that we could improve ourselves in the off season if we're smart.

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