Milton Bradley Interaction with Padres Fan

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Whatever Milton Bradley and the fan sitting near the Cubs dugout at PETCO Park had to say to each other on Wednesday will stay between them, as Bradley declined to comment before Thursday's game against the Dodgers.

Whatever the context, Lou Piniella would prefer to have the players focus on the game.

"You can have a little fun once in a while," Piniella said on Thursday, "but you would prefer they concentrate on the game at hand."

Did Piniella interact with a fan or fans who were razzing him?

"On rare occasions, but I had fun with it," Piniella said. "[Bradley] was having fun with him, more than anything else."

Bradley hit his ninth homer with one out in the sixth off San Diego's Luis Perdomo but before the hit, a fan had yelled a few things at the outfielder as he stood in the on-deck circle. After Bradley crossed home plate, he made a talking sign with his hand to the fan as the outfielder headed to the dugout.

"He was having a 'Muppet' conversation with one of the fans," Piniella said.

Bradley also bowed to the fans after he was called out on strikes to end the eighth.

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