Pedro Martinez to sign with the Cubs soon?

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Pedro Martinez said Wednesday that he could be signing a Major League contract soon.

The 37-year-old right-hander told The Associated Press in his native Dominican Republic that he has spoken with the Rays and Cubs.

"There's a good chance I'll be signing soon, but there still isn't anything firm," Martinez told the AP.

"Chicago and Tampa Bay are the two teams that have shown the most interest and we are negotiating with them, although I've told my agent not to call me until it's a done deal."

Martinez, who became a free agent after his four-year contract with the Mets expired following the 2008 season, pitched well in relief in the '09 World Baseball Classic. He has been working out in the Dominican since then and said he wants to play for a pennant contender.

"I need the emotion of competition," Martinez told the AP.

The Cubs did have a scout watch Martinez in the Dominican Republic, but an agreement is unlikely at this time.

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Why would Chicago want Pedro he is a Zimmer beater. Remember the boys of Zimmer from 1989!

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