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Bloggin' Cubs baseball

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We continue our series of Q&A's with bloggers who cover every team.

•Blogger: Al Yellon of Bleed Cubbie Blue ( .

When did you start blogging about the Cubs?

I've been blogging the Cubs since 2003. At first glance, that wasn't the best time to start a Cubs blog, coming off a 95-loss season. But that 2003 season was magical. Well, it was up until Game 6 of the NLCS.

Can you take us through the roller-coaster season the Cubs have had? What has this done to your emotions?

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In reality, nothing more than any Cubs season has done to my emotions.

What's the worst move made by team management in recent history?

This is more a "non-move" than a "move." It's the over-reliance on comebacks by Kerry Wood and Mark Prior over the last three years �" comebacks that never materialized �" and so management passed on perhaps acquiring other players who could have helped the team.

What do you think about a potential Mark Cuban ownership?

I think he's too much of a loose cannon, too much of an "all-about-me" kind of guy to be a baseball owner. He'd be George Steinbrenner in flip-flops, sitting right next to the dugout, yelling at the manager, players and umpires. Not being from Chicago, he doesn't really have a sense of the history and traditions of the Cubs.

What is the best moment in Cubs history since you became a fan?

The 1998 playoff run, where for the last 45 days of the year there was no more than one game between the first- and second-place teams in the wild-card race. When the Cubs clinched, I told a friend of mine, "If they don't win another game, it will have all been worth it."

Was Game 6 in the 2003 NLCS the worst moment? Who is to blame for that loss?

No question about it; even today, nearly four years later, I still cannot believe the Cubs lost that game (to the Florida Marlins). If there is any one individual to "blame" for that loss, it's (Cubs shortstop) Alex Gonzalez, who, even after the one play I think you're alluding to �" and no, I'm not mentioning the fan's name �" booted what should have been an ending DP ball. Had he done that, the Cubs would have gone to the bottom of the eighth still leading 3-1. That was a team loss. After the missed DP, the entire team fell apart.

(Editor's note: Steve Bartman has been blamed for the loss by attempting to catch a foul ball that then-Cubs outfielder Moises Alou was pursuing.) ... blog_N.htm

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