Guillen on coaching Cubs: 'Everybody has a price'

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Ozzie Guillen admitted before Friday's game he wouldn't turn down an offer to succeed Lou Piniella as manager of the Cubs if he's ever fired as manager of the White Sox.

"I can not say no because you never burn your bridges," Guillen said.

While Guillen is viewed by some North Siders as the anti-Cub for his incessant criticisms of Wrigley Field, he has a close relationship with general manager Jim Hendry.

"You never know what's going on in life," Guillen said. "I love the general manager. I get along real well with everyone in the organization. I respect the organization. But I saw ( Los Angeles Dodgers manager) Joe Torre the other day in that Dodgers uniform, and it looked weird."

Guillen reiterated that he couldn't take the job any time soon out of consideration for Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf.

"I can be in the streets, begging people for money or signing autographs for $2," he said. "But as long as Jerry Reinsdorf is still the owner of this team, I can never work for the Cubs. After he dies? You never know. Money talks. Everybody in life has a price."

Guillen said he wants to have a career as long and successful as Piniella's, and that replacing him would be an honor.

"I don't want to say he's my mentor, but I wish my career as a manager lasts the way Lou's has lasted, and Bobby Cox or Joe Torre or Tony La Russa. That's the way I want my career to be." ... 0312.story

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