Jim Edmonds keeping low profile in San Diego

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A guy from a local TV station asked Jim Edmonds to go on the air for a few minutes before the Cubs' game Monday in San Diego.

Edmonds said no.

''I don't think people in San Diego want to see my face or hear my voice,'' he said.

Not that they'd recognize him. Edmonds was a Padre for barely a month this season before he was released, clearing the way for the Cubs to take a flyer on him.

Then again, he was booed loudly each time he came to bat, so apparently they remembered his 16-hit, .178 Padres career. He didn't make the locals feel any better by doubling home a run in the fourth inning and another in the seventh.

Fresh off back-to-back multi-hit games -- his first in almost a month -- Edmonds returned to San Diego for the first time since being released the first week of May.

Edmonds said he was treated fairly by the Padres but added: ''I don't feel too good about the situation and how it happened here. But involving the Chicago situation, it's been nothing but positive, and I'm having a good time.''

The good times will last as long as his hitting does -- something else Edmonds didn't want to talk about.

''Lately he's been swinging the bat,'' manager Lou Piniella said. ''He's changed his hitting mechanics, where he's spread out a little more at home plate, and he's making better contact and driving the ball. He'll be a big help to us if he can continue on that road.''

http://www.suntimes.com/sports/baseball ... 03.article

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