Are Cubs still looking at Roberts?

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Roberts admits to taking steroids

From Dave van Dyck, 11:15 a.m.

Brian Roberts, the Baltimore second baseman the Cubs pursued in trade at baseball's winter meetings in early December, has admitted to using steroids "once" in 2003 but said he has not used them since.

Roberts' admission came after he was named in the Mitchell report by former teammate Larry Bigbie, who was being pressured by federal prosecutors.

In a statement, Roberts said he has "worked very hard to develop a good reputation both on and off the field. I have always taken pride in being a man of integrity and values. I know that by being a professional athlete, I am held to a very high standard. I never have and never will take that for granted. However, I am also human and I have made mistakes."

A first-round draft pick by the Orioles in 1999, Roberts became an everyday player in 2004 and a year later started for the American League in the All-Star Game. After an injury-plagued 2005 season, he came back to make his second All-Star team by hitting .290 with 12 home runs and 57 RBIs and tied for the American League lead with 50 stolen bases in 2007.

The Orioles have had 19 former or current players named in the Mitchell report, including shortstop Miguel Tejada, who was traded to Houston just before Mitchell made his report public.

http://blogs.chicagosports.chicagotribu ... dmits.html

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December 21, 2007

BY GORDON WITTENMYER [email protected]

The Cubs still appear to have interest in a possible trade for Baltimore Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts, despite his admission after being named in the Mitchell Report last week that he tried steroids in 2003.

And the two-time All-Star sounded like the interest was mutual Thursday night during an interview on the Cubs' flagship radio station. He also suggested that admitting he ''made a mistake'' with what he said was a one-time use of steroids does not exclude him from role-model status.

''I understand that I am a professional athlete. I understand that I have this role,'' Roberts said during an interview with David Kaplan on WGN-AM (720). ''But I am human. ... So even though a kid may look at me, it's not necessarily the worst thing in the world for them to see that you're human because they're going to make mistakes, too, and if they beat themselves up over those mistakes ... thinking that we're perfect, then that's not true and that's not right.

''I tried to handle it, hopefully, in a way that kids will say that, 'Well, when I make a mistake, I have to be man enough to own up to it and ask for forgiveness and say that I was wrong.'''

Cubs officials suggested this week that if a player in which they had interest was named in the Mitchell Report, that would not necessarily prevent them from pursuing the player.

''We would evaluate players in a case-by-case situation,'' general manager Jim Hendry said.

The Cubs talked with the Orioles -- now run by former Cubs president Andy MacPhail -- earlier this month about a possible trade for Roberts, but those talks were tabled as the Cubs closed in on free agent Kosuke Fukudome and the Orioles looked to move other big-ticket players.

With Fukudome signed, the Cubs have their must-do task of the winter complete but are still in the market for a trade, Hendry said. The ideal fit is a player such as the switch-hitting Roberts who can run (50 steals last year), hit well from the left side and play in the middle infield.

Roberts, 30, has told those close to him he would welcome a trade to the Cubs. He was more reserved talking about it publicly Thursday, though he seemed to marvel at the Wrigley Field experience, having attended Game 7 of the 2003 NLCS.

''That was one of the most incredible atmospheres and games I've ever watched,'' he said. ''That's the kind of baseball atmosphere that anybody would want to play in.'' ... 1.article#

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The Brian Roberts talks are on again between the Cubs and Orioles. The Chicago Tribune speculates this deal is almost certainly going to happen -- the only question is when and how much it is going to cost the Cubs. The feeling among major league executives is soon, and a lot and could include pitchers Sean Marshall, Sean Gallagher and Ronny Cedeno.

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While Roberts would be a nice addition, I would never trade a potential starting lefty plus a potential starting righty and a SS for a 2 bagger. I think McPail would be hosing his buddy Hendry, if this deal goes through. Remember Dontrelle Willis.....sounds familier? Marshall was a starter and did OK for a young pitcher. Just because we have Hill, doesn't mean that we should give up Marshall. Why don't we unload Marquis or Dempster?

If I gave up these player, it would have to be for Bedard, not Roberts.

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Rumors: Rumors regarding a possible trade between the Cubs and Orioles for second baseman Brian Roberts have resurfaced. Piniella said he didn't notice.

"The only thing I do on the Internet is trade stocks every once in a while," Piniella said. "It's a little bit of a hobby. I don't trade infielders, and certainly I don't read sports."

How's he doing in the stock market?

"I'm doing just like everybody else," Piniella said.

The Cubs do have scouts watching the Orioles in Florida. The O's have scouts here in Arizona.

"We have scouts watching not only Baltimore, but a few teams," Piniella said. "We'll just have to wait and see what happens, if anything at all." ... 405200.jsp

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