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What am I missing? Why do we need yet another no hit utility man?

We already have:DeRosa, Cedeno, Fontenot and Teriot...and now Infante??? We have got rid of: Jones, Monroe and Floyd..not that those are all bad moves, except Floyd (maybe he will be back on the cheap?), but where is the great center fielder and lead off man??? Why not Aaron Rowland??? This guy is a spark plug and for real...since no one has replaced Lofton in skill levels. arm...back to the minors for another year. Where is the right fielder with a rocket for an arm that can hit? Wouldn't you at least keep Floyd around until you find such a guy? The only guys left are Murton (who's on the block) and DeRosa, who couldn't find the ball out there most of the time. Needs: #3 pitcher, Center/Lead off, Right with power. The only accomplishment so far is to cut payroll.

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Yeah I agree- Jones and Monroe were solid players, but I guess the front office wanted more production. There's a rumor that Kosuke Fukudome from Japan is a target. Here are his stats: ... yerID=1064

It's going to be risky giving him a lot of $, however. Not all Japanese players who played great in Japan have had similar success in the MLB>

But yeah there are holes in the outfiled to be plugged up now for sure....

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They have been trying to trade Jones for most of the year, not sure why. But Infante???? I hope that there is more to this than getting Omar.

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