2008 free agents, who do you want?

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2008 MLB Free Agents

Let's take a look ahead to the free agency class after the 2007 season. Of course, some of these guys will be signed before reaching free agency. They're ranked by their 2006 WARP and their age for the 2008 season is in parentheses.

Updated 3-2-07

  1. John Smoltz (41)

  2. Carlos Zambrano (27)

  3. Joe Nathan (33)

  4. Mariano Rivera (38)

  5. Jorge Posada (36)

  6. Curt Schilling (41)

  7. Bobby Abreu (34)

  8. Ichiro Suzuki (34)

  9. Andruw Jones (31)

  10. Carlos Guillen (32)

  11. Jeff Kent (40)

  12. Mike Lowell (34)

  13. Jason Jennings (29)

  14. Jake Westbrook (30)

  15. Ivan Rodriguez (36)

  16. Freddy Garcia (32)

  17. Kenny Rogers (43)

  18. Torii Hunter (32)

  19. Jason Isringhausen (35)

  20. Omar Vizquel (41)

  21. Marcus Giles (30)

  22. Eric Byrnes (32)

  23. Paul Lo Duca (36)

  24. Bob Wickman (39)

  25. Corey Patterson (28)

  26. Adam Dunn (28)

  27. Scott Linebrink (31)

  28. Michael Barrett (31)

  29. Milton Bradley (30)

  30. Jon Lieber (38)

  31. David Eckstein (33)

  32. Aaron Rowand (30)

  33. Juan Uribe (29)

  34. Bartolo Colon (35)

2008 Free Agent All-Star Team

C - Jorge Posada

1B - Carlos Guillen

2B - Jeff Kent

SS - Omar Vizquel

3B - Mike Lowell

LF - Adam Dunn

CF - Andruw Jones

RF - Ichiro Suzuki

SP - John Smoltz

SP - Carlos Zambrano

SP - Jake Westbrook

SP - Curt Schilling

SP - Jason Jennings

RP - Joe Nathan

RP - Mariano Rivera

RP - Scott Linebrink

http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2006/10/2 ... ree_a.html

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Let's get Nathan and Abreu.

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Yes, Nathan would be nice. Have you seen how much money Kendall gets. Something like $13 mil. Maybe look at Posada.

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I like Ichiro, and andrew jones.

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Ya, your right nathan would be nice, Dempster makes me nervous.

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Top 25 MLB Free Agents

Sportscity has prepared its Top 25 list potential 2008 MLB Free Agents. Some players have 'options' and may not become free agents, and A-Rod may not opt out of his contract as speculated. When creating the top 25 MLB Free Agent list, Sportscity took into account age, position, potential contract size, and the likelihood of the player leaving his current team. Take a look at 2008 MLB Free Agents by Position.

Sportscity's Top 25 2008 MLB Free Agents

Rank Pos. Player 2007 Team Contract Notes

1 3B Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees Can void his contract after the season

2 OF Torii Hunter Minnesota Twins

3 OF Andruw Jones Atlanta Braves

4 RP Joe Nathan Minnesota Twins Option

5 OF Adam Dunn Cincinnati Reds Option

6 OF Bobby Abreu New York Yankees Option

7 SP Curt Schilling Boston Red Sox

8 OF Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants

9 3B Mike Lowell Boston Red Sox

10 RP Francisco Cordero Milwaukee Brewers

11 RP Mariano Rivera New York Yankees

12 C Jorge Posada New York Yankees

13 SP Carlos Silva Minnesota Twins

14 OF Aaron Rowand Philadelphia Phillies

15 SP Livan Hernandez Arizona Diamondbacks

16 RP Scott Linebrink Milwaukee Brewers

17 2B Mark Ellis Oakland Athletics Option

18 C Ivan Rodriguez Detroit Tigers Option

19 SP Kyle Lohse Philadelphia Phillies

20 SP Jeff Weaver Seattle Mariners

21 RP Jason Isringhausen St. Louis Cardinals Option

22 SP Freddy Garcia Philadelphia Phillies

23 SP Roger Clemens New York Yankees

24 SP Bartolo Colon Los Angeles Angels

25 2B Luis Castillo New York Mets

http://www.sportscity.com/MLB/Top-25-ML ... gents-2008

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After looking at this, we need Nathan or Rodriguez as a closer.

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How about a closer and A rod.

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I like Tori Hunter but I think he will stay in Minnesota.

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