A Rod wants a piece of the Cubs, literally

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A-Rod not just about money

September 24, 2007

With a move to the National League, Alex Rodriguez could own the Cubs.

Not meaning he would crush their pitching.

Meaning he actually could own the club.

New York Magazine said Sunday the New York Yankees third baseman could join the Cubs next season with a contract that provides for an ownership stake in the team. Rodriguez can opt out of the final three years of his Yankees contract 10 days after the World Series.

The magazine said Scott Boras, A-Rod's agent, reportedly has identified the top candidate to buy the ballclub and has begun to negotiate a deal that could reach $30 million a year over 10 years. A portion of the contract would be deferred with that part going to an ownership stake.

One slight problem: Major League Baseball rules prohibit a player from having equity or potential equity in a franchise.

''It sounds like a silly story,'' Yankees president Randy Levine said. ''We really don't believe it. However, if it were true, that would be grounds to disqualify someone from becoming an owner before even filing the application. I talked to the commissioner, and he agrees.''

''Great players with great demand create great rumors,'' Boras told the Associated Press. ''While I would enjoy having lunch with Mark Cuban and John Canning [two ownership possibilities], at this point of the year that conversation would not include Alex Rodriguez. I have not talked to anyone.''

http://www.suntimes.com/sports/quickhit ... 24.article

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