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The Chicago Cubs and Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White today unveiled the new Chicago Cubs permanent license plate. Money raised from the license plates will support public schools throughout the State of Illinois.

Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts and Hall of Famer Ernie Banks joined Secretary White for the unveiling.

"For many years I played in the wonderful Chicago Cubs organization as a center fielder," White said. "I feel a special bond and history with the team. I am not alone. The Chicago Cubs are a legendary franchise and boast of diehard fans throughout the country who will be excited to show their team spirit and support education with these plates."

Twenty-five dollars from each license plate goes to the Professional Sports Teams Education Fund and is earmarked for the Common School Fund which supports public schools throughout the state of Illinois.

Public Act 095-0331, enacted in 2002, allows for Illinois sports teams to have license plates, designated as Professional Sports Teams license plates. The Cubs are the second sports team in the state to take advantage of the law.

"We are thrilled to help the state of Illinois in its effort to raise funds for public education and to give Cubs fans the chance to display their loyalty on an official Illinois license plate," said Ricketts. "We thank Secretary White for his efforts in making this possible and hope all Cubs fans will show their loyalty by reserving their plate today."

Beginning today, fans can preorder the license plates by visiting Fans can order random number, personalized or vanity license plates. Those plates will be sent out on March 1.

The cost to purchase a random number Cubs plates for a currently titled vehicle with valid Illinois registration is $69.

Pricing varies for vanity and personalized license plates.

Fans who attend the Chicago Auto Show beginning February 10 at McCormick Place can purchase and walk away with a random number Cubs plate. The Secretary of State's mobile unit will also be able to register people for personalized and vanity license plates at the show.

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